Welcome to Maasai Nature

Maasai Nature is a family owned business, with roots in Tanzania and Sweden. The owners are us, the Lesirwa family, Goodluck, Ylva and sons.  We arrange safaris in the national parks of Tanzania, Zanzibar stays, Kili-climbings and also volonteering stays in Arusha or Zanzibar.

We started this company because we wanted others to also get the wonderful experience of the beautiful country of Tanzania and its varied nature. With us you can travel the plains of Serengeti and forests of for example Lake Manyara and the marvellous Ngorongoro crater and see all the animals that habitats those places , for example lions, rhinos, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, zebras and many others. You can make a long or short safari, stay in comfortable lodges or in the more adventureous way in tents.You can also make visits in the villages of Maasai people or with the bushmen. You can combine this with a beach vacation at the island of Zanzibar. We are here to make a taylor-made stay in Tanzania for you!